Don’t Be a Piece of Work

I have a good friend who is always saying “if you work on yourself enough, you too can be a piece of work.”  I say this as a long time “piece of work” who has finally realized that I just need to keep learning lessons, not fixing myself.  Personally, my way of working on myself was to delve into the metaphysical world, the dating world, and the world of feminism through classes, webinars and podcasts and any healing summit I could get my hands on.  I figured if I could learn my way into spirituality, find and keep the right man, and be more feminine, I would feel like enough and life would provide me with peace, the man, and spiritual alignment right in my lap…….   Well, I am still waiting for the “right” man, but I did get the other two when I finally stopped “working” on and just accepted and loved myself, as is.

I am sure many of you may have found my website because you are wanting to lose weight and perhaps think that will result in the right man/woman, perfect job, or just more happiness.  Unfortunately, this quest is one of the most detrimental in terms of setting yourself up to fail and truly becoming a “piece of work” because the ease in which you can fail and the ongoing cycle of self- loathing that accompanies it.  Is there something else you think you need to fix in yourself?  Does anyone really think they are adequate, let alone perfect?

I find the beginning of the soulution[HM1]  is to accept where you are in life, right now.  This may be in debt, over-weight, dealing with a chronic disease, single, or insert any other situation that tends to make us feel bad about ourselves.  The next step is framing how you look at it in terms of it being a problem or is it just an opportunity, a “wake up call” to something that needs to be addressed.  You cannot change the circumstances, but you can change your perspective on the situation.   Are there any advantages to the situation, could this be an opportunity to improve your job or relationship or get rid of a situation that was not serving you but you could not make the change?

I believe life is constantly giving you opportunities to look at your life and often situations that we consider to be challenging are really opportunities to get our attention.  I think of dis-ease as a perfect example: absolutely no one would chose to be sick or to have a disease, but many also believe that the disease or situation made them appreciate life or change their life in a way they were not able to do before the disease.  If you subscribe to the Louise Hay thought (I do) that physical ailments represent emotional issues and thoughts that have resulted in a lack of self -love, and this is an opportunity to release or let go of these limiting beliefs, many of which probably happened in childhood.

For myself, I continue to listen to the Hay House Healing summit and any webinar/series that allows me to learn information that I can apply to myself, provide on this blog, or add to my classes when I am teaching.  I don’t feel that I need to fix myself and now I can see every “bad” or challenging situation was an opportunity to make a change or learn something about myself that has made me better.  I no longer feel I need to achieve anything else to be loveable, or worthy of love, healthy, successful, or just plain good enough.  I will never stop learning or evolving, but I know that I am enough right now and I have faith that things come to me in the perfect time for the higher good of myself and all involved.